Tall Timber

This is one of the last Oswald cartoons that Walt Disney produced before leaving Universal and creating his own studio and own characters this same year. In light of this, it’s really interesting to see this particular cartoon, as Oswald has begun looking more and more like Mickey Mouse–as do the baby bears you’ll see in this one. It’s pretty easy to see how one inspired the other after you see “Tall Timber”.

This cartoon finds Oswald in the great outdoors. However, it isn’t easy–as he first has a tough time riding the rapids in his canoe and later he meets up with some tough bears. Throughout, Oswald is his usual plucky self and it’s not surprising that he gets the better of the bears, as, after all, he’s Oswald. Overall, while it’s not a great Oswald cartoon, it is quite good–and quite watchable today.

Plot summary: IMDb